Who is Gadsden’s Snake?

   This blog is simply the content portion of my commercial website: www.gadsdenpolo.com; the real meat and potatoes so to speak.   I sell polo shirts with my trademarked Gadsden snake emblem in my little corner of the internet.  Please check it out.  This blog however, is simply a tie-in to my entrepreneurial endeavors; my politics and opinions feed into my business and I hope each enhances the other.  Now, with that disclaimer….

   You probably aren’t very surprised when I say that I am the definition of the ‘angry white man’.  Don’t worry, I don’t apologize.     Being in my late 20’s, I am beginning to have some perspective  (I said ’some’ not ’a lot’).  I thought I would create this blog to put my thoughts out there, get feedback, and to let like-minded individuals know that they’re not alone.  I’ve gone to college, served my country, had a couple of jobs, etc, etc.  I’m married, own a home, pay more than my fair share of taxes, and I’ve got a baby on the way to boot.  I give back to the community by volunteering with my local rescue squad.  I’ve got plenty to talk about.

    Overall,  I’m doing pretty well – but its because I’ve competed, paid, and sacrificed to have what I have.  I don’t ask anything of anyone that I wouldn’t do myself.  I also expect that as long as I fulfill the social contract as I see it, I have the right to be left alone and make my own decisions;  i.e. not have government make them for me and take what is mine. 

    I love my country dearly, but I loathe how my government runs it because of the disastrous choices (or non-choices) the Federal Government  supposedly makes ‘for my own good’.  We have the best socio-economic-political system in history of man-kind folks, but it is being ruined.  On one side, it is being ruined by politicians and special interest groups.  On the other, our general citizenry’s apathy and lack of understanding of history and civics lets the politicians and special interests get away with it.  After all, it is more ‘fun’ to most people to be up on the latest sins of pop culture  than it is to know about the sins of Washington. 

    We do NOT need a revolution or anything of the sort – when held accountable this government works better than any other governmental system devised.  We need a return to The Founder’s values and the principles codified in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.  Only then will we be stepping back from the brink.  The America that you know and say that you love won’t be here one day if we don’t get back to those principles.  It is not right nor fair to make  future Americans pay for today’s excess and sloth in a tomorrow void of the possibilites and blessings that we currently enjoy and obviously take for granted.

– G.S.


5 Responses to Who is Gadsden’s Snake?

  1. I love you, angry white man. I enjoy your remarks immensely.

  2. gadsdensnake says:

    Thank you Khaleed. You and I may be different, but in the end, I assume you want the same things from life that I do. Take it easy and come back often. I put up about one post a week, sometimes a little more.


  3. Scott H. says:

    Great remarks. Here is a bit of history in text from one of our founders to support your thoughts:

    “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The course of history shows that as a government grows, LIBERTY DECREASES.”

    “I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

  4. M.H. says:

    Where has the Snake been? With the upcoming election I was hoping for some reasonable commentary from a straight-shooting, no-nonsense “angry white man”.

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