Your House Is On Fire – And Mine Is Catching…Thanks – Part 2

tell is this fair?


Not even a year ago, I wrote this article among others.  It was about the Greek Debt Crisis and how Europe wasn’t solving its problems but just kicking the economic can down the road.  It took just over 10 months for all the money spent over Greece to burn up confidence in the EuroZone.  Now its Ireland and Portugal whose leadership is in flux and their economies and banks in turmoil.  They’re called PIIGS for a reason.  Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Spain.  Mark my words, Spain is the one to REALLY worry about.

   You won’t see this stuff at the top of the news…and that is my point.    Too many other juicy stories drown out the very significant problems of the European Debt Crisis.  The synical and conspiracy theory part of me thinks its convenient that way…but that gives people too much credit.  They’re more worried about Dancing with the Stars and American Idol….and if they are in tuned, they see the kubuki theatre of  ‘fiscal debate’ going on in DC right now.  Congress is arguing over about $30 billion in spending cuts when we have an annual deficit of something to the effect of $1.5 trillion on our $3.8 trillion budget.  Congress is arguing over the change in the couch while the house around them is burning down.

  The next to last thing we need is Europe’s serious economic problems.  The last thing we need is to ignore them and get caught with our pants down when it spreads.

That is the problem with socialism, eventually you run out of other people’s money (thanks Margaret).  It’s that socialism that is sinking Europe and what we’re ignoring here at home.   What will that mean for your pension, your 401(k), your children’s future?  What are you willing to do about it. 

I can tell you that the same tired players who have money and power from the status quo aren’t the answer.  We need to elect new leaders, pure and simple.


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