Fear and Stupidity

…and we dropped dozens like this…(that doesn’t even count the Ruskies!)

   Forgive me if I seem a bit short, but is anyone TIRED of the fear-mongering they see on TV about the nuclear reactor problems in Japan?  I mean, c’mon there is a terrible humanitarian crisis going on with the earthquake and the tsunami BEFORE we even talk about the leaky nuclear reactors.  The true human toll and the real loss of life and property – those are the REAL STORY – and it is over-shadowed by the silent, invisible killer that give you cancer.

– RADIATION!!!! – bum, bum, bummmm!!!!!
Really, don’t you feel like sheep listening to the talking heads find yet another retired nuclear expert and stoke the fears that the Japanese are under-stating the problem.  I’m not saying its right, but OF COURSE THEY ARE, its government.  Do you really think they will tell people the whole truth – just imagine how panicky the Japanese would be then…and they’re a disciplined people!    You a$%holes on TV with your dumbed-down  24/7  news media coverage just lap up the mystique of a danger people can’t see and make a fever pitch WITHOUT full disclosure from the Japanese authorities.   
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  Its all a game of fear and consumption – but this time the consumption is replaced with knee-jerk stupidity.  They want to get you afraid so that you’ll buy your bottled water and iodine tablets and buy into the story that nuclear technology is unsafe and dangerous.  They are quick to look at Chernobyl, TMI, and now the crisis in Japan; but they forget all the tangible and 99.99% safe benefits of nuclear power.  I mean this was an earthquake.  YOU CAN’T PREVENT AN EARTHQUAKE!  Its a good excuse for things to break! 
  All this angle does is to get the lowest common denominator of our society all panicy about a slight bump in background radiation that may or may not happen from 5,000 miles away.      Yes, that is how far California is from Japan.  Its a long damned way.  Get over it.  I don’t see how this makes for good TV and ‘good’ news when they repeat the same crap over and over; it is innane.
Beside the raw damage and loss of life and human misery that the tsunami caused, the worst part of this is we are now hearing how governments – national (Germany) and local governments in the U.S. are questioning nuclear power.  You’re kidding me.  This is a freak accident – literally an act of nature.  You can’t stop earthquakes – so you have to just deal with the fact they’re going to happen.  Do you really want your energy prices to be higher, have rolling brown-outs, support big oil, and move away from carbonless green energy by deep sixing all the proposed NEW nuclear facilities this country desperately needs?  And those are just a few!  We haven’t built one reactor in 30 years because of irrational fear.  We really are going to let a bunch of dumb politicians that buy into the news media hype derail progress with so much tangible upside and the most minsicule risk of downside?  Yes, it may be a small risk with a terrible consequence should it happen, but will we let fear get in the way of one of the few things that I think this administration has right?  Further now that its known what happens at a nuke plant at a level 9.0 earthquake/tsnuami strike, we can create safety systems for the new reactors we should be building.  Cut the red tape, the brainless politicians, the equally innane pundits, and the lack of knowledge of what nuclear power can do for this once great nation.  We’ll have real progress,  infrastructure investment, cheaper energy costs, less carbon emission, thousands upon thousands of high paying unexportable American jobs, and all the services and manufacturing to support them.  Why wouldn’t you go nuclear?
You wouldn’t because of fear, mass-media consumption, and now…stupidity.  How am I not surprised…  I’ve already told you we’re past the tipping point, this is just another example from a different angle.  Where did our logic and reason go?
– G.S.

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