Glimmer of Hope

...ech...what they do in my name sometimes....

Big Government got poked in the eye today…by liberals and the tea party.  Strange bed-fellows but I’ll take it.  The House Republicans thought they could pass a non-controversial extension of some of the worst abuses of the Patriot Act today.  It failed to garner the 2/3rd majority it needed because all of the Democrats voted against it and a pile of Freshmen Representatives voted against it.  Tea Partiers if you will.

I believe the newly elected Congressmen, I don’t buy it as much from the Liberals.  Well, maybe from Dennis Kucinich who has always railed against it.  The WaPo article is here:

I have two goals.  One to point out the two-faced nature of politics where the same Congressmen will vote for the same essential bill a couple of years previously (because they were in power) and then vote against it because now they’re not.  That is the Democratic story by and large here.  The Republicans do it too.  Kubuki theatre, its all window dressing and its shows Congress’s general lack of conviction, backbone, and principles.

The bottom line is that the Patriot Act IS a woeful invasion of our civil liberties, specifically the 4th Amendments’ protections against search and seizures.  This thing needs to fail again and again.  I am glad to see that at least in an easy, early test the Freshmen Congressmen voted how they said they would. 

The question is, can they hold up and grow in strength?



2 Responses to Glimmer of Hope

  1. Jim says:

    We have 90 days to organize against this crazy Patriot Act. Google “Patriot Act Protest” and you’ll see that there is a Flash Protest being organized for Saturday, March 12 in Washington DC. Can we do in America what the people of Egypt did in their national square? The answer depends on each one of us.

  2. […] took the temperature of the PATRIOT Act debate within the social media world, which ranged from excitement to disbelief in the shelf life of the failed vote to simple logistics of how the 112th Congress, […]

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