Gun Control Means Hitting Your Target


    There has been a lot of hype about the horrible mass murder out in Tucson.  I lived in Tucson.  Loughner is lucky he didn’t get gunned down by an armed bystander because he was much more likely to have such an outcome there versus NYC or LA.  The media hypes up Arizona’s ‘lax’ gun laws when in effect they just have fewer laws controlling your life in an area that is expressly mentioned as a person’s right in the Second Amendment.  If more people carried guns, people like Loughner, Hassan, Cho and the rest of the crazies would take pause in their plans because they would be worried they would be shot like the cur dogs they are.  Notice each of those groups targeted were far less likely to have guns – Democrats, soldiers on a base (ironically you can’t have a private gun on a military base), and students in a college classroom -where its against the rules to be armed.  They obviously don’t target Tea Party members at a rally for a reason.

  Reading the WaPo today, I was singularly struck by the actual lack of something.  There was very little specific mention or coverage of actual bills being bandied about over gun control.  Upon thinking, it actually made more sense to me.  Why do Barbara Boxer, Schumer, and the rest take pause over such a juicy issue that they are so passionate about?  They pause because they know they bring up gun control at their party’s peril.

     These guys above all else are politicians (not statesmen) and their first loyalty is to themselves.  After that, its the cronies in their party.  Dems and Repubs alike act this way.  Pushing gun control is Democratic issue and they all know its a loser for their party.  Want to find a way to piss off the right, get them to send money, and show up at the polls to vote for ANY Republican, even if its one running against another pro-gun Democrat?  There is NO surer way to get that result than putting in a serious bid in for legislation that will resrict guns in any way shape or form.

     It is political suicide worse than any cute staffer.  A candidate with a history of gun control legislation in much of this nation destroys the competiton in favor of Republicans in competitive districts.  It also makes previously ‘safe’ districts competitive.  The most ardent gun-grabbers come from the most liberal district (Pelosi anyone) and they learned in ’94 that while they might not be at risk, their less safe buddies are.

   Thus you get a lot of huffing and puffing from the liberal media, but the gusy they voted in won’t try to blow my veritable house down to get at my high cap magazines.  They care more about their  political career than they do about cramming bad legislation through that won’t solve crazies illegally getting their hands on guns.

– G.S.


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