Introducing The Gadsden Polo

There's Nothing Wrong With A Little Shameless Self-Marketing!

    Fellow readers, a bit of a departure from the normal fare.  This blog was its own original content from the beginning.  Creating it however, gave me a taste of wanting to do more.  Now it is the official blog of my website:

  It is an incorporated business that I have created, selling polo shirts with my trademarked logo of the snake from The Gadsden Flag. A truly professional design with a reasonable price does not exist, until today with the launch of my website.  You see the yellowt- shirts all around and now you have any option to wear something that makes a subtle political statement while being a bit dressier (or something you can wear to work on Friday). 

   I am here to post the website being open for business and I implore you to spread the word!  If you want to buy a shirt, EVEN BETTER.  All I ask is for you to please contact those in your network who may be customers or appreciate the website.  I think its neat, it has good information, and it links back to this blog.  The the coming days, I plan on having my next blog piece about the saga of entrepreneurship and the rigors of doing everything yourself. 

The ability to make something out of nothing is one of the founding reason the United States, despite the dangers, is still the best and freest nation in the world.



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