It Really Boils Down to This…

Party Vs. Principle

I knew this day would come.  Is it better to vote for the more conservative, non-establishment Tea Party endorsed candidate; or the insider Republican who is more moderate but has a better chance of beating the Democratic opponent in the general election?  That is the question for the Republican primary in Delaware as outlined by this NPR article:

   I must argue that every individual in Delaware needs to vote for who they believe is the candidate that better supports their values.  I could argue about qualifications or being a “political insider”, but it boils down to who do you think will represent you better – both in stance on policies and governance in general.

   A lot of people are sick of the status quo, are conservative at heart, and thus are voting for Tea Party backed candidates.  Right or wrong, the fate of the Republican party’s control of the Senate or The House is at stake with this issue.  People want change and are reflecting that in the ballot box.  Call me a poor strategist; I clearly see that yes, it would be better to have a moderate Republican to win the seat instead of a more conservative Republican lose it, but such hedging simply re-elects the same people who have broken this country in the first place.  I am willing to put my vote where my mouth is and have faith that if we elect enough ‘outsiders’ they can create a unified block that forces the collective insiders on both sides of the aisle to have to deal with them.  Thus,  I am for people voting on the issues and the candidates that most closely value those issues.

Let the cards fall where they may as this is a Democracy, not an entitled oligargy of a governing political elite who dictate that gaining a majority for the sake of power is more important than principle.



2 Responses to It Really Boils Down to This…

  1. Matt says:

    You’re totally right, Phil! It’s sad to see our government turning into a sporting event. They even talk about it on the news like that… “it should be a big win for the democrats” to get the majority… or “a devastating loss for republicans” — it also seems that every single idea from one party is immediately shut down by the other party just because the idea came from the other party!!!!!!!!!

    • gadsdensnake says:

      Thanks for the response. You are right – case in point, the Democrats want to give ‘stimulus’ to small businesses and the Republicans say ‘no’. I am sure that they are not opposed to helping small business in general, but they don’t even want to give the Democrats that. I’m not saying that I agree with the legislation, I am just pointing out to proposals that you think that the Republicans would be more likely to support and they still come out guns-a-blazing with an unequivocal ‘NO’. That helps no one. Here is my suggestion. Substance not politics. Accountability, not passing the buck. If these fools can’t get it done then we need people who actually will work on behalf of this country’s interest instead of trying to create media moments by spewing rhetoric.

      The Democrats have proposed a bill that has tax incentives for capital and equipment purchases. While stimulating some demand, all it does it actually take tax dollars and move purchases up – just like the $8,000 tax credit for homes. For what the government spends, they really don’t get that many people that wouldn’t buy anyways, they just do it sooner and thus rob those sale from the future with cost to the tax-payer on top of it. Slash government spending ( an impossible task), offset some (not all) of those savings with real jobs stimulus – well thought out infrastructure reinvestment along with an employment caveat. In that, you give significant incentives to hire, incentives to retain jobs domestically (tax incentives to keep jobs here and penalties otherwise), and access to capital (a temporary small business bank, similar to the proposed infrastructure bank could be an idea). I loathe the idea of the government getting overly involved in the economy on general libertarian grounds, however they have the tools to do it…they just need to do it responsibly.

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