Yes, I AM an Angry White Man

a lot of angry white men...

Urban Dictionary ( is a hilarious and irreverent site that defines common words and phrases in our society in slang terms.  You’ve probably heard about it.

I was told today that I am just another angry white man.  I told my liberal antagonizer that was the first thing that we could agree on in our 20 minute conversation.  It was a tense but still polite enough moment.  I told her to go look up ‘Angry White Man’ in the urban dictionary online.

That got me thinking to a mock comment (and only comment) thus far on this blog where the commenter posted about my self-description of being an angry white man.  Its in my introduction piece/about me piece if you want to read it.  I wrote that because I had recently read a humorous and  pretty-spot on definition on what an angry white man really is from Urban Dictionary.  There are others defintions for the term as well, but this one takes the cake by far.  I thought I’d share it with you since its rather insightful and articulate.  The link is below, but I’ve also copied the entry here.

From the above link in its entirety:

  Angry White Man  
The Angry White Man comes from all economic backgrounds, from dirt-poor to filthy rich. He represents all geographic areas in America, from urban sophisticate to rural redneck, deep South to mountain West, left Coast to Eastern Seaboard.

His common traits are that he isn’t looking for anything from anyone — just the promise to be able to make his own way on a level playing field. In many cases, he is an independent businessman and employs several people. He pays more than his share of taxes and works hard.

The victimhood syndrome buzzwords — “disenfranchised,” “marginalized” and “voiceless” — don’t resonate with him. “Press ‘one’ for English” is a curse-word to him. He’s used to picking up the tab, whether it’s the company Christmas party, three sets of braces, three college educations or a beautiful wedding.

He believes the Constitution is to be interpreted literally, not as a “living document” open to the whims and vagaries of a panel of judges who have never worked an honest day in their lives.

The Angry White Man owns firearms, and he’s willing to pick up a gun to defend his home and his country. He is willing to lay down his life to defend the freedom and safety of others, and the thought of killing someone who needs killing really doesn’t bother him.

The Angry White Man is not a metrosexual, a homosexual or a victim. Nobody like him drowned in Hurricane Katrina — he got his people together and got the hell out, then went back in to rescue those too helpless and stupid to help themselves, often as a police officer, a National Guard soldier or a volunteer firefighter.

His last name and religion don’t matter. His background might be Italian, English, Polish, German, Slavic, Irish, or Russian, and he might have Cherokee, Mexican, or Puerto Rican mixed in, but he considers himself a white American.

He’s a man’s man, the kind of guy who likes to play poker, watch football, hunt white-tailed deer, call turkeys, play golf, spend a few bucks at a strip club once in a blue moon, change his own oil and build things. He coaches baseball, soccer and football teams and doesn’t ask for a penny. He’s the kind of guy who can put an addition on his house with a couple of friends, drill an oil well, weld a new bumper for his truck, design a factory and publish books. He can fill a train with 100,000 tons of coal and get it to the power plant on time so that you keep the lights on and never know what it took to flip that light switch.

Women either love him or hate him, but they know he’s a man, not a dishrag. If they’re looking for someone to walk all over, they’ve got the wrong guy. He stands up straight, opens doors for women and says “Yes, sir” and “No, ma’am.”

He might be a Republican and he might be a Democrat; he might be a Libertarian or a Green. He knows that his wife is more emotional than rational, and he guides the family in a rational manner.

He’s not a racist, but he is annoyed and disappointed when people of certain backgrounds exhibit behavior that typifies the worst stereotypes of their race. He’s willing to give everybody a fair chance if they work hard, play by the rules and learn English.

Most important, the Angry White Man is pissed off. When his job site becomes flooded with illegal workers who don’t pay taxes and his wages drop like a stone, he gets righteously angry. When his job gets shipped overseas, and he has to speak to some incomprehensible idiot in India for tech support, he simmers. When Al Sharpton comes on TV, leading some rally for reparations for slavery or some such nonsense, he bites his tongue and he remembers. When a child gets charged with carrying a concealed weapon for mistakenly bringing a penknife to school, he takes note of who the local idiots are in education and law enforcement.

In a sentence:  Four million Angry White Man are members of the National Rifle Association.

I like it.  Thanks Urban Dictionary.  Nothing yells flattery like  a bold-faced copying and pasting from some angry white guy’s blog!!!



4 Responses to Yes, I AM an Angry White Man

  1. I don’t know if you do requests, but I’d like to see a rundown on this topic:

  2. gadsdensnake says:

    Sure. Its not my standard fare, but being an Air Force Academy graduate and former Air Force pilot myself, I will certainly oblige you as I do have a fair amount of training, expertise, and opinion on the matter. My angle however, is all my own and in parts will surprise you.

  3. DL says:

    very true and as we’ve seen people don’t like the truth

  4. Good point that I had never thought of before.

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