Run For Cover

Do we look that intimidating?

  I think I am most amused by the commentary some months back that the Tea Party movement was ‘astro-turf’.  Astro turf meaning that the conservative discontent that was organized into tax day and September 12th rallies was fake.

They’re not saying it now.  The Tea Party movement, which I consider myself to be a part of, and all its trapping (both laudable and questionable) are a force to consider.

   Case in point.  Look at all the Democratic (and Republican) Congressmen who are throwing in the towel.  Most notably Senator Bayh (IN) who says that he has no doubt that he could get elected again, especially with the cool $13 million he already has stashed away in his re-election war chest.  He’s quitting because he hates how the Senate works and that he can contribute to society in other ways.  I’ll get back to that sentiment and the war chest in a second.

   Bayh is the fifth Democratic Senator not seeking re-election. He joins Sens. Chris Dodd (Conn.), Byron Dorgan (N.D.), Ted Kaufman (Del.) and Roland Burris (Ill.) on the sidelines. Six Republicans are retiring: Sens. Kit Bond (Mo.), George Lemieux (Fla.), Judd Gregg (N.H.), George Voinovich (Ohio), Sam Brownback (Kans.) and Jim Bunning (Ky.)

  I will admit, I  haven’t done all of my research for me to opine on which is quitting because they want to and which are quitting because they’re going to lose.  The point is, 11% of the Senate is not looking for another term.  They know what the climate is.  They know the public is unhappy with their performance.  Their ‘do-nothingness’ through bitter partisanship is probably a huge factor.    Their inability to do things as procedure as confirm Presidential appointees or form binding committees to fix real problems (the budget) shows how warped things have become.  The People have wised up, and these guys either know they’re going to be tossed out on their ass so they’re leaving on their terms (Dodd is the best example) OR maybe they are truly are sick of what Washington has become and they want to do something else.

   I believe Bayh falls into this category.  However, if  a popular, powerful, and successful Senator with clout truly believes he can’t make a difference on the inside, then who can? 

   The People don’t want to hear excuses, they want to be represented and to see logical results that represents the country’s best interests.  They can’t stand when a specific Senator’s vote is bought via deals for his constituency (ahem, ahem, did you say Ben Nelson and the Corn-Husker kickback?) or special interests giving their thumbs up to legislation ($80 billion back room deals to big pharma).  When do I need Pfizer or Ben Nelson’s constituency to dictate a national health-care policy to me?  Especially so when I know that after looking at it for 5 minutes its a lousy bill.  Where’s the tort reform?  Where the elimination of bureauracy and excessive costs?  I could go on, but you get the picture.

   You know there are more examples beyond Nelson and Big Pharma – but even these two are unacceptable.   That is why the Tea Party crowd has sprung into existence – to throw the bums out who participate and are even complicit and let this stuff happen.

   Be you a Democrat, Republican, or even a politically convenient Independent, you are on notice.  Your seat is not yours even with the national machine behind you (thank you for proving me right Martha Coakley) or your boat-loads of campaign money

I said I would get to that.

    I don’t care if the politician has $13 million or or 13 dollars to for his campaign.  They want and need all of that money for tv commercials.  You dear reader, need to know what you stand for and what your potential elected representative stands for.  You have to educate yourself and go beyond what you are promised in a comercial.  You see how well trusting the sound bites and 30 second commercials have done.  Its time for something else and you have the responsibility to make the change.  You can whine about the bad politicians or policies, but until you educate yourself on the issues and your potential representatives, we are going to get more of the same.

    We see this through the terrible representation and terrible policies on a national level that are destroying our country’s strength.  Beside all the ‘Hope and Change’ rhetoric, things are still the same.  Does the economy really feel any better?  Have you felt the economic uptick yet?  Even if you have, was $13 – 15 trillion in promises of more debt really worth it.  You, your children, your grandchildren, and all future generations will have to pay for it in interest to nations like China – who don’t really have the same value system that we do.  Things like personal  liberty, free speech, or Democracy…well, the Chinese don’t do those so well.  And you still think its okay for our elected leaders to let such a nation be our economic master without something having to give.  Things will not be able to go on like this forever, but do we always have to be reactionary and change direction AFTER a catastrophe?  Nope!  Your elected officials at all levels are generally failing you and you need to recognize the lousy job they’re doing.   

    That is what the Tea Party guys are about.  We are a diverse group that has some extremes, but our extremes are not the mainstream of who we are.  Part of the Tea Party’ss identity is not having any particular identity or concern.  It is a general conservative slant that recognizes that Republican and especially Democratic solutions are actually not solutions, but part of a worsening problem.  Hence it being a third party.

    Even if you don’t like or trust the Tea Party, recognize what it is doing.  It is a group of people voting for representation and accountability from our elected officials.  Their concerns are just as much a referendum on Democracy itself as it is on giving voice to the center-right politics that make-up the dominant ideology of most of this great nation.

 If nothing else, we ask that you better understand The Founder’s intentions.  Their teachings, their revolution, and the formative documents that they made – The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.  All you need to know, from your rights to our American can-do spirit and need for liberty are found therein.



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