A Shot Across The Bow…But For Republicans As Well.

After Scott Brown won,  I watched the talking heads of the liberal media outlets display much wailing and gnashing of teeth.  As I was scouring the internet looking for more legitimate coverage than MSNBC and Fox, I read this quote in the NYTimes (of all places) that for me, summed up Scott Brown’s amazing win in just one line.

 ‘it is no longer a message of hope and change, but reform or die’.

I also scoured the Post, WSJ, and Globe looking for a full article to refer people to rather than just a sound-bite.  I almost didn’t find what I wanted…thank you uncredited editorial-writer-guy.


Pretty powerful stuff, but Tuesday night’s election results are indeed powerful. I warn my fellow conservatives though, don’t take this as a tea-bagging mandate (chuckle).  That quote above applies to you too.  Remember, good government is about meeting in the middle and compromise.  The Founding Fathers designed it that way so that we curbed the worst of our own tendencies.  That requires two opinions – and while I may not agree at all with those who push progressive agendas, they have as much a right to the table as I do.  The end result of such debate is government that The People can live with, not just government that I want. 

In my opinion, that is the message that Scott Brown pushed and is what won him the election.  Yes, yes, health-care was a part, but really every sordid aspect of the health-care debate is just a symptom of the larger disease of bad government.

That then my friends is why Independents (note: not ‘Republicans’) were so important to this election.  Only 15% of registered voters in Massachusetts are Republican.  I can sympathize because I too feel that the Republican message is off and this is why the many center-right voters don’t identify with the party; bei it there in Massachusetts or increasingly across the country as well.  I’m one of them.  I think this is a microcosm of larger sentiment in the country and Republicans need a healthy dose of introspection almost as much as the Democrats now obvioiusly need it.

 Take note bad government, this is a firm shot across the bow. If you don’t get the message, you will see a legitimate rise of a 3rd centrist party that will throw the bums out on both sides of the aisle. 

Of the People, By the People, and For the People.

– G.S.


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