Even Liberals Know This Isn’t Health-Care Reform

Today I present two articles to you.


   The first is from a writer at the WP and it details a specific amdendment to the health-care ‘reform’ bill that was aimed at allowing foreign-made drugs to come into the US  which could provide the exact same drug to the prescribed, but it could be up to 10 times cheaper.  Sounds good right?  We want health-care to be cheaper; both for ourselves and our nation.  Controlling costs is an expressed purpose of this reform and I completely agree it is needed.  Its the methodology that I disagree with.  

  Since you’re reading this article and my outrage is predictable, you won’t be surprised that the Senate voted the amendment down by a large margin.  How did this happen?  Again, no surprise here.  Lobbyist influence, pure and simple.

 So lets look at what’s going on.   The President has already cut a $80 billion back-room deals with these guys,  and then goes back on his campaign promises and gives them a pass here.  Why?  He needs big pharma’s support or the whole legislative effort would tank if they started opposing it.

Who cares if big pharma doesn’t like it.  They’re part of the problem.  Screw them!  Well, not if you’re in their pocket.  And once you’re in their pocket…

  Mr. Obama can only get his bill passed if the Congressmen who are funded by big pharma vote for it.  So, if these pharmacy companies (not the tax-payers) tell these Congressmen to kill the bill, they will – and that is what the President fears.

   Its so painfully obvious, its insulting that we let this happen.  If any of these jokers had your best interests at heart and wanted to save us money, they’d obviously allow competition and add the amendment in.  Instead they cite FDA safety concerns of drug safety when in reality a large portion of the chemicals that go into the drugs come from outside the US to begin with.  Adding competition would be an easy and obvious way at reducing your medical bills – especially the elderly on a fixed income.  Just think about all the perscriptions some take…and the portion that Medicare picks up. Don’t forget you are partially paying for that part too.

   Instead, these ‘representatives’ of ours want to stay in office and enjoy the perks of their cozy job.  They do that largely through the campaign contributions from lobbyists – big pharma being one of the most generous.  It is obviously more important to get re-elected and cater to special interest than for them to actually represent their constituents and do what is best by them.  Obviously it would be bad for big pharma’s profits if the President or those bought-and-sold in Congress allow competition to come in.

   It makes me sick, absolutely sick.  This is the most bald-faced example of how this government is  largely no longer ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people.’

   Then, it gets even better.   Howard Dean wrote this piece today.  Again, I know I am getting into the habit of citing people who may surprise you, but it should only add credibility when people of opposite ideological leanings are coming to the same conclusion that I have been harping about.


  Bottom line, Mr. Dean and I agree that this isn’t real reform.  His solution may be different than mine, but we both smell a rat.  

– G.S.


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