$500!?! What Is The Point Of Having Insurance?

So maybe I’m beating a dead horse on health-care.  Oh well, its trendy and in the media and oh so appropriate.  Nevertheless, here I am with my story and my spin. 

So to make a long story short, my wife gets back from the OBGYN – we are having a baby.  Shortly thereafter, she gets a bill for her visit.   ITS $500!!!  No joke, the bloodwork that was sent to the labs is not covered on the health insurance.  What then, is the point of having health insurance if not to cover stuff like this.

We are both young and healthy.  We don’t smoke, we lead active lives, and are in excellent health and we are not hypochondriacs.  We rarely even go to the doctor.    We subsidize all the other people on the plan who aren’t so mentally stable or fortunate with their health.  

What then, is the point of insurance when you pay good money out of pocket every month?  Then when you actually have it to use it for something as natural as having a baby (families generally have them) you get a fraction of the benefit.  It disgusts me.  This is just one more way people  pay more than their fair share and then do not get the benefit that they paid for.  And this is mild.  Its only $500.  I hate to say it, but its true.  Things like dropping people or refusing them because of pre-existing conditions is even more heinous. 

Mind you me, I will fight this but this is just another example (and a personal example of mine) that shows how broken the system is.   Congress’s push to not allow refusal for pre-existing conditions is good, but it needs to include pregnancy tests and whatnot as part of routine care as a part of that push.  A sick or unhealthy child is a lot more expensive than a kid that gets basic prenatal care – be they insured or not.  I could see how some people would be hard pressed to just find $500 – so they would avoid the needed testing.   That is a dangerous game  people are forced to play, especially when it concerns a child’s life.  The alternative is for that mother to stick the hospital (read insured patients) with the bill.  Which is wrong as well.

  Maybe the insurance companies should actually give something for the money people pay out for once.


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