A Vote for Censure – of Congress

I am sure everyone has seen the drama and the debate about Representative Wilson’s “You Lie” outburst.  Congress just passed a “resolution of disapproval” against him largely along party lines.  Does Congress have nothing better to do?  Does the news have nothing better to cover?   I have a list as long as my arm on things that our legislators should be addressing, but certain Democrats (this time) and the news cycle would rather spend time on this resolved and minor matter instead of covering substantive topic that need to be addressed.
I understand there are decorum issues. I understand that Wilson has already apologized. I understand that hypocracy rife throughout Congress. Is anyone surprised, even if you disagree with my political views?  We already know not to expect much from Congress and this simply reinforces that sentiment. It is this partisanship and wasting time over political posturing (both sides being guilty) that only drives a further wedge between right and left.  How can you compromise and get anything done when there is no way to meet in the middle because of partisanship? I expect this behavior from children on the playground AND from Congress. It tells you how badly Congress as a whole does its job when you are not surprised by this.

The burning question is why do we continue to accept this? Why can’t we elected better representatives for ourselves? I have three reasons.

A) People generally don’t form their own opinions – they are uneducated on the topics because their lives have more interesting or pressing matters right in front of them.  Hence, they are easily swayed. This is why there so many undecided voters right up to election day. This does not reflect well on the average American ‘voting competency’ even if they take the time to vote.

B) The only time people care is when an issue directly affects them. Then they will make some noise, but it dies off as soon as the moment has passed. Even when people do participate in the political process through demonstrating or what-have-you, where is their education and engagement beyond that one issue?

C) Most people just don’t care. They take their freedoms for granted. IF they do vote, the only time a Congressman has even the chance of getting in front of the voter during a campaign is in the commericals between acts on American Idol. That is why Congress is largely bought and sold by the lobbyists – to pay for those ads so they can get re-elected.

Congress work for us, but when you don’t discipline it – even these educated and ‘well-heeled’ insiders act like children allowed to run amok. By not holding them accountable, you in effect reward bad behavior and they push the boundaries and see what else they can get away with. Where do you think the sense of entitlement, the adultery, the tax-evasion, abuse of power, and hypocracy comes from? We all know there are other undiscovered short-comings and crimes that members of Congress have a hand in. They just haven’t come to light yet.

Censure of a member over a trivial issue like this is just part of a larger game of wasteful poltical maneuvering. It does nothing but spend valuable time and make good legislation harder to enact.  We must hold Congress accountable of which, this is just a minor infraction, but it serves to illustrate a good point.  More importantly though, we must hold ourselves accountable.  We are the best stewards of liberty.  We should not blindly entrust it to politicians in Washington.


to answer the last questions – I would have abstained from voting, I’m not going to support the process either way. If Wilson runs on a conservative platform that I support, I’d still vote for him if he represented my district.


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