Sleepless In America

To those who may eventually read:

    Did you ever see the Movie ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ ?  You know, the love story where a 90’s fantastic Meg Ryan pines for the oh-so-lonely Tom Hanks?  Don’t lie.  You saw it.  I honestly didn’t like the movie that much, but it was popular and illustrates the point for my first post.

   I am ‘Sleepless In America’.  I hear about this ideal that the founders of our Nation outlined and I want it.   I want it for my friends, family, and fellow countrymen.  I want it for my unborn children.  I want it for all the future Americans who are counting on us to be good stewards.   What keeps me up at night, is the acute fact that we are moving away from the founder’s vision, not towards it.  Hence the creation of this blog.

    This is not a soapbox or a bullypulpit for me to simply opine and judge.  Yes, I have my views, and yes, I will share them, but my goal here is to do much more.  I would like to create a discussion where be you left, right, gay, straight, democrat, republican, or any other designation that seems to divide us; we can take a time out and engage in a respectful and intelligent discussion.  There is no disrespect.  There is no judgement.  There is no finger-pointing.   THERE IS NO PARTISANSHIP.  Dialogue, content, respect.  These are the things are I am striving for.   

  This is our country.  We share so much more in common than what divides us.  I will make my conservative views and ask my questions, but I don’t expect everyone to drink the same Kool-Aid that I drink.  As long as we can agree to disagree on some of our core beliefs – we can move forward and have discussions, share information, and foster respect that actually would involve compromise and hence create some answers.  Maybe we can learn something from one another.


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